A Review Of Best Compound Bows 2015

If you are in the bow market shopping around for the best compound bows 2015, then you might want to consider the Bear Motive 6. This is one of the most modern and most advanced bows to be produced. It has a Dual Synchronized Hybrid Cam Design thus making it a highly advanced bow.

The bow is very fast and based on IBO standards, it can easily achieve speeds of 350fps. It is additionally very quiet and this can be attributed to double-stringed silencers incorporated in its design. Bear Motive 6 provides a smooth draw thus making it quite easy to be used by hunters. The length of draw can be adjusted from 25.5 – 30 with 0.5 increments. As a result, it can perfectly suit different types of archers. When it comes to brace height, it measures 6 inches thus making it perfect for highly experienced hunters and archers although novices may find it difficult to use. The Motive 6 is highly recommended if you are shopping around for a reliable bow.

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The Green Gold

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